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Your Special Day is Approaching...

For months, maybe even years, you have been planning every little detail; you have met all the wedding service providers in the region, visited all the wedding venues available just so that this day, this so very special and unique day, will not only be perfect, but truly in your image. The guest list is ready, invitations have been sent and responses are coming in. The dress, the rings, the suit, the wedding party, the decorations, the centerpieces, the sitting plan, the DJ... everything is set, you have worked hard and have thought of everything....

Well, almost... what about the music during the ceremony? Who can help you with this? Who can you trust with this important aspect of this so very special day?

You need someone knowledgeable who can take you through each part of the ceremony and, with you, find the perfect music to fit with the rituals, creating the proper mood, in a professional and artistic way that everyone will talk about.

You have come to the right place: Roch Brisson is the person you are looking for. He has one thing in mind:  that your day be as perfect as it should be! He will take the time to meet with you, go over the wedding ceremony with you, explain what will happen, how and when, and choose with you the appropriate music and songs that will fit what you want, that will express what you are feeling for one another: true and eternal love.

You deserve nothing but the best for your wedding day. Roch Brisson wants to be part of this special day with you. He will do his very best in helping you put the final touch!


We loved him so...

Celebrating the life of your loved one

Someone close to you is gone... planning a funeral is no easy task. One thing is clear though: you want this funeral to be a true celebration of the life of the deceased. Music is part of this celebration. It helps to create a proper mood and to express what that person was, what he or she liked, to express what you are feeling, the love, the grief, the pain, but also the recognition, the hope...

Roch Brisson has many years of experience planning, playing and singing at funerals and life celebrations. He can guide you in choosing the proper songs, hymns or music piece. He will meet and sit with you, guiding you through each part of the ceremony and help you build a ceremony that will truly reflect the deceased. Roch can work in christian as well as lay context.

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