Assets and background

  • Fully bilingual.
  • Life long experience playing piano, keyboard , electronic and pipe organ alone and in bands.
  • 30 years experience playing organ in church for all types of ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Extended experience accompanying other musicians and choirs.
  • Over 30 years experience as music teacher with kids from 6 to 16 years old, in Ottawa elementary and secondary schools.
  • Creator of a complete band music program for kids 10-12 years old.
  • Wide networking with specialists of the musical and school band environment; Flute, alto baroque recorder, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, strings, other...
  • Classical and popular formation as well as performance experience.
  • Ongoing studies to complete the ARCT level of piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto.
  • Training in pastoral liturgies through the summer institutes in pastoral liturgy, Saint-Paul's University, Ottawa.
  • 30 years experience working with grieving families, preparing funeral celebrations with family members.
  • 30 years experience working with young couples, preparing wedding celebrations.
  • Extremely knowledgeable of Christian rituals and lay celebrations.
  • Over 30 years experience working in parishes as musician (voice, keyboard and organ), music director, and liturgy specialist.
  • 30 years experience as a pastoral musician, excellent knowledge of the different repertoires, excellent knowledge of copyright laws, repertoire GIA Publications INC., Walton Music, Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), Oxford University Press and others.
  • Completed grade 10 practical piano exam from The Royal Conservatory of Toronto, level 9 and 10 history RCM levels, grade 9 harmony.
  • Presently preparing in view of grade 10 Harmony certificate and ARCT level (piano) with the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto.


  • Frédéric Lacroix, professional pianist, accompanist and university teacher at Ottawa University, for the past seven years.
  • Lory Lynn Penny, Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto).


  • Each celebration is special and consequently different from another. Costs will therefore reflect the extent of the services required and chosen.
  • As member of the Ontario College of Organists (RCCO), my fees will respect the recommendations of this organization. Click here for list of RCCO recommended fees. Adjustments according to services rendered.
  • Basic average fee: $250.00


Roch Brisson

(613) 325-6094